Requirements analysis – The first step in developing the perfect solution

The better we understand your requirements, the easier it is for us to create a clear roadmap for your vision. We are extremely skilled at asking the right questions, sorting out conflicting interests, and bundling these elements in a rigorous and coherent manner. After completing our requirements analysis, we are able to provide you with a clearly structured roadmap that is ready to be implemented.

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What we offer

  • Experienced software and business consultants
  • Highly skilled in the area of requirements management (RM) and requirements engineering (RE)
  • Requirements analysis that factors in all stakeholders 
  • Harmonization and bundling of results
  • Object-oriented analysis (OOA) via UML
  • Use of various iterative methods

How you benefit

  • All business and technical requirements are taken into account
  • All requirements are systematically identified, analyzed, defined, and evaluated
  • High degree of acceptance by future users
  • Our quotation serves as the basis for a clearly structured and coherently formulated requirements profile
  • Customized implementation: You set the pace and determine the scope

Systems analysis – New and legacy elements working in perfect harmony

We perform a systems analysis as the first step towards developing the solution once we know what you want and need from your software. We evaluate the existing system environment and assess which components can continue to be used in seeking to keep development costs as low as possible. Our goal at all times is to keep what works, avoid duplication, and integrate both new and legacy elements in perfect harmony.

Risk analysis – Avoiding errors and exploiting opportunities

Risks rise as projects grow in scale and complexity. We therefore offer a risk analysis as an effective tool in identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities early on. Our team systematically identifies risks, performs a detailed analysis of all risk factors, and takes effective countermeasures in an effort to provide investment security and guarantee your success.