coshsh – configuration generator for Nagios and similar solutions

coshsh is a framework that enables the automatic generation of configuration files for monitoring systems based on Nagios

Information on servers and applications as well as their contact partners and dependencies can be imported from any data source and converted into host, service, and contact definitions. Only one site or the server managers or application managers, for example, need to manage the inventory data. The accompanying monitoring configuration is generated automatically, significantly reducing the monitoring team’s workload. coshsh was developed by the ConSol monitoring specialist Gerhard Laußer. 

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coshsh in detail:

  • Any data source (CMDB) can be connected.
  • The IT landscape only needs to be managed at one site and monitoring is carried out automatically.
  • Full control over the scope of monitoring as only what has previously been defined is generated.
  • Version control for configuration files with full traceability.
  • Strict separation of logic and configuration.
  • A set of services is specified for each application (Web, SAP, database, operating system, etc.) and coshsh replaces wildcards with application details Generated configurations are identical, eliminating any typos that can occur with manual copying.

What ConSol can do for you – application scenarios and coshsh projects:

  • Maintenance of the server landscape in an Excel spreadsheet
    - Used by the City of Munich, Germany -
  • Application data collected by specialist departments in a Web-based self-service portal (Oracle APEX.) coshsh reads the underlying database and generates the monitoring objects. Hosts and services for monitoring operating systems are automatically generated from the CMDB in the same company.
    - Used by a large German automobile manufacturer -
  • Your systems into a central SharePoint application are entered by administrators located across 200 sites. coshsh generates the configuration files for each site.
    - Used by the discount chain Lidl -