Plugins for database monitoring

ConSol has developed Nagios plugins for the four most popular databases:

They are state-of-the-art for the standardized monitoring of a heterogeneous database landscape on an open-source basis.

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The plugins allow:

  • Cross-platform operation and configuration of the monitoring solution, taking vendor-specific features into account.
  • The number of products necessary for database monitoring to be reduced to a minimum as all the requirements are covered by Nagios and the ConSol plugins.
  • The integration of grown business and application-specific scripts to bring order to the chaos as a special highlight. To see what something like this looks like, for example, go to
  • Monitoring of a variety of database parameters. Some practical examples:
    • Cache hit ratio
    • Stale statistics
    • Last log/full backup
    • Replication
    • Index usage
    • Connected users
    • Connection time
    • SQL (execution and evaluation of SQL statements of any degree of complexity)

ConSol provides:

  • Migration from proprietary monitor environments to Nagios
  • Consolidation of mature, self-written DBA scripts
  • Development of application and company-specific extensions (in-depth monitoring) based on the available ConSol plugins