Java server monitoring with Nagios and Jolokia/Jmx4Perl

Jolokia/Jmx4Perl is a framework from ConSol for consistent, detailed monitoring of heterogeneous Java server environments using Nagios. It provides informative reports on availability, performance and vulnerabilities. Jolokia/Jmx4Perl consists of an agent on the Java server-side and a Perl plug-in on the Nagios side.

In detail:

  • JMX monitoring of a variety of supported application servers
  • Easy implementation of more complex checks
  • Straightforward option of integrating additional monitoring parameters such as threads, database pools or garbage collection functions
  • No Java installation on the Nagios server required
  • High-performance JMX monitoring of large server landscapes thanks to bulk requests
  • Granular security concepts for the query on measured values with regard to firewall boundaries

Supported systems:

  • JEE servers: Websphere, WebLogic, Glassfish, JBoss, Tomcat etc.
  • OSGi agents: Felix, Equinox, Virgo etc.
  • Various: Mule, JVM-JDK6 (Camel, ActiveMQ) etc.
  • Others on request

The options to implement special application checks are diverse – we will gladly support you in monitoring your Java application!


  • HTTP requests per minute
  • Is the Web application running?
  • CPU utilization of a Web application
  • Sessions (active, rejected, life span, growth rate etc.)
  • JMS message queue monitoring
  • Inbound and outbound data transfer rate
  • Requests/minute/connector
  • Database transfer tool usage

ConSol provides advice and support for your monitoring solutions.