The Mod-Gearman module developed by ConSol enables the distributed execution of checks and event handlers. These are not executed in a traditional manner by Nagios itself, but as ‘jobs’ by so-called ‘workers’. The result is encrypted and sent back to Nagios.

Several thousand checks are possible per minute thanks to the asynchronous processing of jobs and the embedded Perl interpreter.

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Possible Application Scenarios:

  • Single instance: Even a single Nagios server can be relieved considerably by Mod-Gearman. The checks and event handlers are executed by the worker on the same server.
  • Distributed monitoring: Remote sites are checked via individual remote workers. These report their findings back to the central Nagios instance. There, all results are available under one interface.
  • Load balancing/redundancy: Identically configured workers automatically share the work to be completed.
  • The ‘Cold Standby’ node can be used as a gearman worker in cluster setups.