For several years the classic web interface for Nagios has not been developed any further and does not meet the requirements of modern open source monitoring.

In the light of the above, Sven Nierlein from ConSol developed Thruk, a modern web interface for Nagios (also compatible with Shinken / Icinga).

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Featurs & details:

Many useful features and enhancements found their way into Thruk:

  • Multi-backend: Thruk accesses several (remote) Nagios instances via live status and displays them in an interface.
  • Performance: Thruk is optimized for fast display of thousands of hosts and services. The parsing of the status.dat file, customary with the traditional Nagios interface, is now completely absent. Any underlying monitoring system is relieved and loading time is significantly accelerated.
  • Live data: Thruk access the Nagios core directly via live status and displays the status change in the GUI immediately.
  • Flexible: Thruk can be installed on any remote host. Custom modules can be integrated via plug-ins, if necessary. An export function allows you to download many views as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Transparent: The adjustable pagination avoids long load times. Different integrated themes allow you to customize the appearance. A special Web interface also allows for access via mobile devices.
  • Configuration Editor: The Configuration Editor enables the editing of the Nagios configuration via the Web – both via the interface and natively via the integrated text editor. Thruk is therefore the only Nagios configuration tool that can edit an existing configuration without any intermediate format, and also continues to allow modifications via the command line/vim.