Software performance optimization – Finding out what slows you down

There are many reasons why software does not perform as it should. This could be caused by the application itself or the relevant computing environment. Our software performance experts are true detectives capable of tracking down every error. And when they do, they also find a solution to the problem and bring your application back up to speed!

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What we offer

  • A team of software performance experts from a range of different fields who work closely together with customers and are conversant with a broad range of software-related problems
  • Comprehensive review including load tests, code review, and process analysis
  • Use of standard performance tuning tools such as JMeter, JProfiler, VM Tuning, and DB Tuning
  • Development, implementation, and monitoring of performance improvement measures

How you benefit

  • Practical recommendations and measures to optimize your software over the long term
  • More satisfied users
  • Greater efficiency
  • Lower hosting costs thanks to use of fewer computing resources