Managed applications – Flawless, reliable processes

Your software applications must function flawlessly and reliably in order for you to achieve success in your core businesses. For only in this way can you ensure that your business processes run smoothly and are available and up-to-date at all times. ConSol supports you here with professional application management services. As part of this package, we perform all tasks required to operate your business software, from planning and installation to continuous monitoring and optimization all the way up to the implementation of updates and changes to meet your dynamic needs.

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What we offer:

  • Specialists with many years of experience in the field and extensive vendor-neutral expertise
  • Professional support for and monitoring of high-end Web applications and collaborative processes (e-mail, calendars, directory services)
  • Comprehensive reviews and performance tuning by experienced consultants
  • Specialized knowledge in the field of open source applications
  • On-demand support from experienced software developers

How you benefit:

  • Customized managed applications from a professional team
  • Reliable, highly available, high-performance applications that support your core businesses optimally
  • Professional migration planning and implementation
  • Support during rollout of business continuity, availability management, and capacity management systems
  • No expensive software licenses thanks to use of open source components