Managed infrastructure services – Providing the foundation for success

Your IT infrastructure plays a major role in determining how well and reliably your business processes are carried out and how nimbly your organization is able to respond to change. Our professional managed infrastructure services help you keep your IT environment running smoothly and efficiently.

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What we offer:

  • Extensive expertise working with many popular software and hardware products, operating systems, databases, storage solutions, and network components
  • Planning, installation, configuration, operation, and monitoring of highly available IT environments
  • Professional planning and rollout of ITIL and ISO 9001-compliant processes and structures
  • Database analysis and tuning
  • Comprehensive documentation

How you benefit:

  • Transparency regarding your overall IT environment forms a solid foundation for strategic planning
  • Extremely stable and reliable IT systems and operations
  • Professional organization, planning, and implementation of changes and rollouts
  • Support for SLA planning, negotiations, and implementation
  • Support during rollout of business continuity, availability management, and capacity management systems