An Appreciative Company Culture Makes Intercultural Interaction and Learning Processes Easier

What role do companies play in the social integration of highly skilled immigrants? That is the topic of a research project conducted by the Chair of Intercultural Communication at the University of Passau in Germany. ConSol played a major role in this project, serving as a company case study.

The project used company case studies to analyze how company culture, professional roles and qualifications, the working environment and atmosphere, plus many other factors can promote the integration of international specialists within a company and as well as into society as a whole.

The results of the qualitative case study

  •  An appreciative company culture based on professional qualification and organizational identity makes intercultural interaction and learning processes easier.
  • This facilitates integration into the organization as well as into society as a whole.
  • A good atmosphere in the company creates a strong communal identity and promotes integration.
  • This strong identification with the company and the resulting sense of self-worth enables qualified employees from other countries to develop a sense of belonging to other parts of society.
  • Moreover, successful integration into the company supports the language-based and intercultural exchange processes that help immigrant specialists participate in other elements of social life.

“As such, the ConSol case study is an informative example of how organizations can play an influential role in the process of integrating immigrants.” (Dr. Christoph Barmeyer, Chair of Intercultural Communication at the University of Passau.)