Citrus is listed among the top open-source testframeworks

The open-source tool Citrus contains all components necessary for fully automated integration tests or interface tests. Whether on the client or server side, synchronous or asynchronous – get an up-close feel for the communication of your software from every angle. Seamlessly integrated with standard frameworks (JUnit, TestNG, JavaEE, Spring, Spring Boot, Arquillian, Cucumber etc.).
Now Citrus has been included by Joe Colantonio in the listing of top open-source testframeworks.


About Joe Colantonio:

Joe Colantonio is the founder of, a blog dedicated to test automation, as well as, a weekly podcast that geeks out on all things software test automation. Author of the UFT API Testing Manifesto, his mission is helping people succeed with test automation. Joe has more than 15 years’ experience successfully developing and implementing numerous software automation and performance testing solutions.

Citrus Testtalks interview:

Joe Colantonio talks to Christoph Deppisch about automate integration tests for pretty much any messaging protocol or data format. So if you’re looking to expand your automation efforts beyond lame, flaky, UI-based automated tests, this episode is for you.
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