Connecting over a game of chess: Chess tournament for employers and young refugees

An unconventional initiative took place recently, with the aim of giving refugees and employers a chance to get to know each other. The Munich Chess Foundation organized a tournament in May 2016, bringing together 40 pupils from the SchlaU-Schule (school for young refugees) and 30 employers for a game of chess. While pondering their next moves on the chessboard, the young refugees also contemplated their future careers – what industry they would like to work in, and what they expect from an internship. The aim of the event was to help young refugees find a way to start their careers and support employers in finding young talented people to recruit.

From promoting chess to professional success
ConSol attended the event, representing the IT industry. The full-service IT provider based in Munich, Germany, has been supporting the chess tournament for four years.

Company founder and Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Schwanengel says: “We would like to offer refugees a real career opportunity in our environment. A game of chess makes people face each other as equals. It gives refugees here a chance to show off their capabilities, unencumbered by language barriers.”

A 17-year-old from Syria was the first refugee to intern at ConSol and has already finished the internship. He will be doing two more internships starting in June 2016.