Devoxx Belgium 2017: ConSol at the tech conference in Antwerp from November 6–10

The mission of this year’s Devoxx in Antwerp is to be a first-rate tech conference where those with a passion for development can spend a week networking, coding, learning and being inspired.

ConSol is once again being represented by two top-class speakers:
As part of the “Tools-in-action sessions,” Christoph Deppisch will be presenting on the topic of “Behavior-driven Integration with Cucumber and Citrus.
Immediately following this, Fabian Stäber will be presenting on “Prometheus Monitoring for Java Web Applications w/o Modifying Source Code.

For a complete conference program, click here.

The ConSol speakers and their presentations at Devoxx:

Christoph Deppisch works as Senior Consultant and Software Architect at ConSol Software GmbH. He specializes in the areas of middleware integration and test automation. As an active open-source developer, Christoph is responsible for the “Citrus” test framework and is continuously making further developments to it. Lately, he has mostly been occupied with the question of how microservices and container technologies influence the continuous delivery pipeline.
His Devoxx presentation, “Behavior-driven Integration with Cucumber and Citrus,” will take place on Monday, November 6, 2017, from 4:45 pm to 5:15 pm.


Fabian Stäber holds the positions of Software Developer, Head of R&D, and Architect at ConSol Software GmbH.  He is passionate about JEE, backends, big-data applications and distributed architectures, is an active part of the Java Community, is involved with meetups, and regularly holds presentations at conferences. As a member of the JSR 373 Expert Group, Fabian works on standardizing a REST interface for management of Java applications.
His presentation at Devoxx is entitled “Prometheus Monitoring for Java Web Applications w/o Modifying Source Code” and will take place on Monday, November 6, 2017, from 5:25 pm to 5:55 pm.

Devoxx in numbers:

The Devoxx family now includes over 12,000 developers—spread throughout Belgium, France, Poland, the UK, Morocco, and the United States. In addition, Devoxx4Kids allows more than 9,000 kids around the world have fun with the “magic” of coding.

This means Devoxx is one of the largest Java conferences in the world.