Docker and the new opportunities for software developers

Docker Meetup on August 6 2014 at ConSol: Roland Huß talking about his Docker Maven plugin.

Docker is everywhere. Its virtualization technology intends to make the process of software development independent of platform and environment.
The 2nd Docker Meetup started out with a lecture by Johann Romefort, giving a status report regarding the Docker eco system.
Afterwards developer Roland Huß, Director of R&D at ConSol, showed how Docker can add to the development toolbox by looking at a couple of scenarios. One of those was creating stand-alone integration tests running completely isolated with the help of Docker. Another example was how to make use of a Docker Maven plugin to seamlessly integrate the development part into the build process from first iteration to production.

Last but not least was Muki Seiler, who held a lecture about sbt native packager.

ConSol GmbH was hosting this Docker Meetup meeting.