DRACOON and ConSol enable fully automated integration and interface testing

In the course of advancing digitalization, it is becoming increasingly important to link the various systems. This is one area that continues to present new challenges to the software producer DRACOON (based in Regensburg, Germany), specifically when planning projects with new customers - using the DRACOON Enterprise File Sync and Share solution.

The DRACOON solution at a glance:

  • Thanks to its universal API, the DRACOON Enterprise File Sync and Share solution provides a wide range of application fields—from data exchange and workflow integration to secure e-mail communication and completely updating the file service.
  •  Thanks to the client-based encryption, DRACOON customers benefit from the highest encryption standard. This means that, with the exception of authorized users, no one has access to the company data—not even the provider.
  • DRACOON has been certified as a professional solution by the ULD, the Independent Regional Center for Data Protection (German: Unabhängigen Landeszentrum für Datenschutz) and by EuroPriSe. As a software product made in Germany, this file sharing solution was designed to comply with stringent German data protection laws and provides maximum data security for companies of all sizes and industries.

DRACOON is now working in close collaboration with ConSol to ensure that the data exchange platform is integrated more quickly and efficiently into customers' systems in the future.

This company is based in Munich and provides services ranging from technical and business consulting to software development and IT transformation and even IT service & application management. The company also offers expertise in areas including open source monitoring and web technologies. In addition, ConSol develops and sells ConSol CM, a low-code platform for custom implementation of processes and requirements in software. This solution ensures that innovations are implemented quickly for technical and internal processes.
The open-source solution Citrus, on the other hand, works fully automatically to test the integration and interface conformity to other applications, ensuring the stability of the overall system.

Marc Schieder, CIO of DRACOON, is very pleased to be collaborating with ConSol, saying, "Thanks to custom software development by ConSol, we are able to make the API of DRACOON even more effective in the integration. ConSol will be supporting us in the future as a reliable partner in the area of test automation. Going forward, this allows us to shorten the duration of the project leading up to integration into the customer's system."

Bernd Wiserner, CEO of ConSol, adds, "We are excited to have formed a partnership with DRACOON, a company with a portfolio that complements ours perfectly. Working together will make it possible for us to automate an extremely diverse range of processes and workflows, and our customers are sure to benefit from them."