Information Security Management System successfully certified according to ISO 27001

ConSol Software GmbH has been certified according to ISO 27001 for installation and operation of an Information Security Management System since March 2011. This ISO 27001 certification is reviewed annually by interim audits and triennial recertification to meet the standard. The first recertification has now been successfully carried out in May 2014 by a designated TÜV auditor who confirmed thus that the system operated by the Munich-based IT-full-service-provider ISMS fully complies with the requirements for a security management system.

Together with their technology partner matrix technology AG, which was also certified, ConSol Software is now able to prove that it can provide the information security needed for running the IT-systems that are critical to the success of midsize and big companies. This includes the comprehensive management of information security, the detection of operational risks and the establishment of security measures. The main objective in this case is to protect companies from damage and to avert loss and misappropriation of data. Besides the technical aspects, another focus is instilling an appropriate security awareness among company staffs, which can be reached through instruction and trainings. The Federal Agency for IT-Security (BSI) recommends that priority should be given to three areas in this context:
confidentiality – of customer and company information – as well as
availability and
integrity of information.

ConSol extends these three areas to the following objectives, which account for a substantial proportion of the quality of services provided:
security awareness of employees and
compliance with applicable laws and customer agreements.

“We are very happy about getting confirmed the good work and the excellent operation of the ISMS through recertification. The information security in an enterprise is a business-critical aspect and we want to demonstrate our customers and partner companies our sensitivity and care in dealing with corporate data. This concerns in particular the areas defined by the BSI. Due to the ever-increasing amount of information values in a company it is necessary to have firm rules and processes here,” says Alexander Müller, who is responsible for introducing, auditing and running the ISMS at ConSol.

Here you’ll find our certificate.