Ready for increasing data volumes: ConSol introduces new big-data platform to mobile health and fitness company Runtastic

ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH ( is introducing a new big-data platform based on Apache Hadoop to the international mobile health and fitness company Runtastic. The plan is to expand the platform into a data lake, which data scientists at Runtastic will use as the basis for their work in the future. The scalable cluster solution will reduce the workload of the existing data warehouse, which is no longer capable of keeping up with the rapid growth of data volumes. In addition, the new platform will allow significantly faster and more complex data analyses – even in parallel operation – compared to what would be possible with the existing data warehouse.

ConSol has provided consulting services to the company regarding the software architecture and design of the big data project and is supporting the project’s implementation, deployment, and operation. The ConSol regional office in Düsseldorf, Germany, can also provide support with a remote solution if necessary. Runtastic decided to commission ConSol due to its experience and expertise in using Apache Hadoop and carrying out numerous big data projects. The project started in November 2015, and the platform will gradually go online during the first half of 2016.

Flexible scalability provides investment protection

Runtastic offers products and services related to capturing and managing fitness-related data. The data is uploaded to, where users can access their training diary and detailed analyses as well as share this information with their peers by synchronizing with Facebook, for example. Approximately 80 million registered users worldwide generate 10 gigabytes of raw data on a daily basis. The data generated by Runtastic has been stored and analyzed on a data warehouse (DWH) based on a Microsoft SQL Server until now. However, the increasing number of users and volume of data were pushing this solution to its limits. Instead of upgrading the existing DWH solution, Runtastic decided to migrate certain DWH functions to a Hadoop cluster. This stores the raw data and prepares it in such a way that it can be processed further, thereby allowing for the continued use of the existing DWH system without the need for costly upgrades or installing a new IT infrastructure.

“Three things were important to us in this project,” says Christoph Reininger, Head of Business Intelligence at Runtastic. “First, we wanted to be able to improve how we store our users’ increasing data volumes in a cost-efficient manner. Second, we wanted to continue using our existing data warehouse, allowing us to protect our investment. Third, we wanted to be able to run complex analyses very quickly in parallel in the future. The concept from ConSol met all three criteria. We selected ConSol as our service provider on the recommendation of Cloudera and are confident that we have found the right partner.”