Smart City: Dubai expands public administration using a solution by ConSol

The Dubai Health Authority has successfully completed an extensive digitalization project. Its basis is the ConSol CM process and communication platform from ConSol, a Munich-based IT company.

The prerequisite for the issue or renewal of a visitor or work visa in Dubai is a passed health test. This testing is carried out at 18 medical fitness centers. The necessary tests include blood tests, x-ray diagnostics, and others. In view of more than two million visa applications per year, a high administrative effort results from this, which is further increased by the large number of parties involved in the process, such as the Health Authority, the medical fitness centers and the immigration authority.

As part of Dubai's Smart City strategy and the consistent implementation of digital technology in public administration, this effort is to be reduced. It was the objective of the Dubai Health Authority to completely digitize the entire fitness testing procedure—that is, from filing the application at what are known as typing centers through the medical health tests through the notification of the applicants by text message or e-mail and the feedback of the result to the immigration authority. For the automation of the process, the integration of a wide variety of systems, applications and databases was a mandatory requirement.

ConSol received the commission for this. The Munich-based IT service provider was able to prevail in the bidding process over several competitors thanks to its ConSol CM solution. A winning proof of concept in which the easy and fast modeling of complex business processes was proven turned out to be decisive. Another condition was the fact that ConSol is represented in Dubai by a branch of its own so that direct on-site support of the customer is guaranteed.
“For ConSol, the implementation of ConSol CM by the Dubai Health Authority is a beacon project in the Gulf region,” Michael Beutner, ConSol Chief Executive Officer, explains. “Thanks to its high customer satisfaction, ConSol is also in an excellent position for playing an important role when Dubai assigns further projects as part of its Smart City initiatives."

This is how the Dubai Health Authority benefits from ConSol CM:

  • The software offers flexible configuration options for covering company-specific or industry-specific processes and supports customized process modeling. By the use of the low-code development platform, the requirements of specialist departments and business analysts can be implemented with little programming or none at all. Through the user interface in Arabic and English, state-of-the-art web technology is available to users for easy and intuitive operation of the business processes. Such functions include dashboards, drag-and-drop, quick-and-easy search and keyboard shortcuts, for example. Open interfaces allow the solution to be seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes.
  • The solution was implemented within half a year, including testing and acceptance. Thanks to the low complexity of the user interfaces, the required training sessions could also be completed soon.
  • Because of the comprehensive electronic coverage and availability of all applicant data and test results, the number of manual process steps is reduced—and thus, the probability of errors as well. Thanks to the high flexibility of the solution, process changes can be implemented quickly, for example if legal mandates change as with the upcoming introduction of value-added tax in early 2018. The ConSol solution offers additional test and evaluation options to authorities using a data warehouse. Among these options, there are service level measurements of the assessment of the throughput of the various medical fitness centers.
  • Last but not least, a crucial benefit of the ConSol solution is its easy, intuitive operability. This was also one of the fundamental requirements of the Dubai Health Authority. After all, employees in the typing and medical fitness centers without greater PC knowledge are among the users.