Thanks to BizDevOps, applications are available more quickly than ever before

According to the IT service provider ConSol, BizDevOps (Business Development Operations) thinks outside the box of traditional software development. The method integrates the requirements of specialist departments and even customers from the very beginning, and as a result, applications become both more user-friendly and available more quickly than ever before.

The BizDevOps method combines two aspects in an innovative way:

  • Firstly, as usual, it doesn’t just cover pure software development and operation, but instead actually integrates business-related and functional requirements from specialist departments and customers from the very beginning. It even utilizes parts of the company strategy explicitly for the basic design of applications.
  • Secondly, it utilizes an agile software development method—that is to say, close and straightforward collaboration of self-organized teams. The teams at BizDevOps do not consist exclusively of IT employees, however, but also include people from a range of other departments such as Marketing, Sales or Product Development. Together, these teams ensure step-by-step and precise implementation of all requirements.

This combination allows the requirements of various departments and the requests of external user groups to be integrated together and implemented with precision for the first time ever. In addition, the requirements of the company strategy provide a development path that makes applications future-proof, as well as enabling future software development cycles to be shortened significantly.

“When they use BizDevOps, companies often halve the time that it takes them to deliver their solutions. This allows them to respond to customer or market requirements without any delay,“ reports Henning von Kielpinski, Director of Business Development at ConSol in Munich. “In the age of digitalization and global markets, this is an invaluable advantage, as it is this agility that allows businesses to gain a competitive edge quickly."

These advantages are certainly not without their hiccups. This close communication between all departments is new territory for many companies. If the exchange of information fails to be in-depth and constructive, then the efforts will not have a substantial payoff. "In the age of digital transformation, we have a lot to re-examine. But making the investment itself in BizDevOps is worth it, because the potential of the method is huge,“ von Kielpinksi notes.