The low-code platform ConSol CM supports all relevant BPM, CRM and case management processes

The new 6.11 version of the ConSol CM software can be used flexibly across industries. Like previous versions, it offers elementary business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions. Most notably, the topic of case management is being given significantly more emphasis than in previous versions. "Case management" refers to the support of non-sequential process action sequences with a focus on human interference. Complex, knowledge-intensive processes and situation-specific decisions require a high degree of coordination and collaboration. The case management function of ConSol CM orchestrates communication and knowledge exchange among the experts and does so across departments and locations. One positive side effect: A knowledge base and the foundation for evaluations and process mining basically create themselves.

A highlight of the new version is that it can serve as a low-code development platform. This means that custom solutions can be designed without programming knowledge. In terms of administration, configuration and web interface, the solution offers all required features for quick development or modification of applications "out of the box." This allows specialized departments and business analysts to be incorporated into development processes with minimal dependence on IT. "The low-code approach allows companies to increase their agility while saving time and money. Initial tests have suggested that the new solution reduces the time-to-market of new business applications by up to 70 percent," stresses Engelbert Tomes, Head of Marketing & Sales at ConSol.

Beyond that, however, the solution also offers flexible configuration options to cover company-specific or industry-specific processes. When the solution is used, processes can be executed with partial or full automation. Open interfaces allow the solution to be integrated into existing IT landscapes.

The new version of ConSol CM is available now.