End-to-End Testing with Sakuli

The web shop login process or the remote access in branch may be affected – with malfunctions or failures in web applications costing time and money. With Sakuli, you test the functions of user interfaces comprehensively and fully automated from your user’s point of view. The framework combines web and UI testing and thus operates outside HTML and the Document Object Model (DOM): It simulates user actions on graphical and web-based interfaces, validates content and measures execution times.

The results of Sakuli tests are transmitted directly to monitoring systems such as Nagios, OMD, Icinga2 or check_mk via integrated interfaces. They process the runtime values and visualize them in graphs. By combining E2E testing and monitoring from the user's point of view, you can intervene before the user notices any functional or content issues. Sakuli tests can also be seamlessly integrated into continuous integration environments such as Jenkins.

Perfect Applications: Our Allround Solution Sakuli

Make your users happy: User interface testing, E2E-Monitoring and automated processes let your applications perform at its best.

E2E-Testing: The Advantages of Sakuli


Platform Independent

Sakuli tests can be performed anywhere: locally on Windows, Linux, Mac OS or alternatively in a container (Kubernetes and OpenShift).




Sakuli uniquely combines DOM-based testing of web content with UI testing that locates and matches image patterns.



Whether web pages, browser plugins, Java applets, remote desktops, Citrix or SAP Rich Clients - Sakuli simulates actions in any programs and interfaces.



Sakuli slips into the role of the end-user: The tool tests with real browsers in real desktop environments. This way you will be spared unwelcome surprises.



Team Player

Enables you to integrate Sakuli test results seamlessly into CI environments like Jenkins and monitoring systems such as Nagios. Easily adaptable modules facilitate the integration.



Scaling Sakuli tests into the cloud? No problem. Apply our ready-to-use Docker images in container platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift.



Sakuli tests are defined in modern JavaScript.



Monitoring Affinity

In addition to test results, Sakuli provides performance data and reports and can be connected to common monitoring systems such as OMD, check_mk or Gearman.


Open Source

Non-proprietary and transparent: Benefit from the knowledge and extensions of the open source community.

Comprehensive Test Management with ConSol

Do not leave your software’s success to chance. Instead, for your continuous quality assurance rely on ConSol's many years of project expertise. Extend your build pipeline with ConSol’s open source solutions for test automation. This will allow you to start productive operations faster, securing your business value in the long run as well.

Our Expertise

ConSol experts support you with great know-how and relevant best practices when entering E2E-Testing. Individual workshops will give you the tools you need to integrate flexible and scalable tests into your quality assurance strategy – whether integrated into your CI system or as continuous tests for functional end-to-end monitoring. So that your applications will still be used enthusiastically tomorrow.

 Continentale Krankenversicherung a.G.
"Thanks to Sakuli, we are now in a position to judge whether and how well the applications we support perform. Almost every anomaly is reported to us automatically, even before the first user calls."
Daniel Klüh
Head of the Service Management Department, Continentale Krankenversicherung AG
pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank
"With Sakuli, we have found a comprehensive tool with which we can monitor the function and availability of our applications. The tool is a novelty in this field – and there is currently nothing comparable for us that could convince in the web and GUI area equally."
Markus Wenzel
Head of IT Infrastructure at pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank


Nico Zellner