Programming work is a thing of the past. The high-performance ConSol CM low code development platform lets you instantly configure specific software, without the need for developer expertise. Your path to overcome the challenges of digital transformation

Saving time and cutting costs

Even innovative solutions are based on proven content. Administration, configuration, web interface—right out of the box, the ConSol CM low code platform gives you everything you need to get new applications up and running quickly. Virtually without any help from IT.

Creating agile business

The business world is transforming—markets, regulations, your company. Dare to innovate. Step-by-step together with the ConSol CM rapid application development tool as your project kit. This reduces the risk you face. The flexible data model and fine-grained rights and roles make you agile.

Building future security

ConSol CM as a low code development platform combines stability and innovation, whether in an on-site solution or in the cloud. State-of-the-art, tried-and-true Java technology provides the foundation for our software. We also make use of technologies such as AngularJS, REST, Hystrix, Groovy, Spring and Hibernate.

Up to 70% reduction in time-to-market with ConSol CM.

Quickly developing the future

It takes a lot of knowledge, time and money before a company's applications are ready for the market using conventional development methods. The same is also true of modifications. But the rate of change in the world of business and its requirements continues to increase. The ConSol CM rapid application development tool is a state-of-the-art development platform that you can use to adapt your business applications in record time as well as create and reliably implement innovative applications. This does not require any skills in development. The low code platform lets you relieve the strain on your IT department this way. And you ensure that specialized departments and IT work in close collaboration to implement requirements directly and to develop future-oriented ideas. Tangible results and short time-to-market are ensured.

200 companies around the world utilize
ConSol CM. 20.000+ users satisfy over 2M customers.


We are more than satisfied with the support from the experts at ConSol, from their advice to their help in implementation and training. Every day our ConSol CM solution presents some new facet that makes us certain we made the right choice.

Niklas Wandpflug-Reiter,
IT and Project Manager, UniCredit Direct Services GmbH

We were looking for a uniform process platform in the area of SAP software development in order to better integrate end users and business analysts into the process. We were already familiar with ConSol CM from various other application areas. The decision to use ConSol CM as a standard tool for the new process as well was the obvious choice.

Timo Rühl,
IT Manager, Cooper Standard


Thanks to the open interface design and state-of-the-art interface technologies, ConSol CM offers outstanding integration flexibility. In any IT environment.


More customers, a new business sector, increasing amount of data: ConSol CM grows with you. This is also true if you want to add an entirely new process to the system.


The process-guided ConSol CM GUI takes the user by the hand. It simplifies training, minimizes the error rate and promotes fun at work.

Ready in no time

You can get up to speed with ConSol CM in just a few weeks. This is amply demonstrated by our short project durations. Our projections use hours and days instead of months and years.

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