ConSol again host for the third iteration of the Docker Meetup

Docker is everywhere. Its new virtualization technology promises to make the software development process independent from platform and environment.

The 3rd Docker Meetup on 10-29-14 was well received, with 60 people attending. The event started with a presentation about microservices by Pini Reznik of Container Solutions, themed “How microservices and Docker containers will be the next step toward closing the development loop”. The talk offered an overview over future software architectures, and how these can be realized using Docker.

Following that presentation Johann Romefort, this Meetup’s organiser, talked about networks and Docker containers in a lecture titled “Weave, the Docker Network”. During a live demo, a Docker container was deployed using a cloud provider in Singapore, and then integrated into a network.

Both presentations sparked lots of questions and discussions.

Again, ConSol acted as host and sponsor for this event.