ABB Uses ConSol CM for Its Global Service Processes

Software from ConSol provides the platform for the further development of a standardized, 24/7 global technical support service

ABBs Marine Service Organisation, a leader in power and automation technologies, has standardized and substantially upgraded its 24/7 technical customer support, including e-mail and hotline support around the world. To control its global service processes, ABB chose to go with ConSol CM, a software offered by Munich-based ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH ( ConSol CM enables ABB to set up standardized process structures in the countries it serves and manage all support, warranty, and on-site service processes of its ‘Marine Services’ business area centrally. ‘Marine and Ports Services’ is the service provider for all customers that use ABB’s solutions for ship and ports systems. The department provides consulting services in the area of new construction projects, maintenance, repairs, technical emergency services, warranty, as well as upgrades to ABB systems already in use. With the introduction of ConSol CM, ABB unifies its formerly heterogeneous service and support organization and introduces uniform global standards and processes. Because ConSol CM consolidates all information in a centralized database, the software also allows ABB to conduct cross-country analysis covering all processes to help improve global troubleshooting.
The project represents a collaboration between ConSol and its distribution partner com.cultur GmbH ( It is overseen by ABB’s Marine and Ports business unit, where ConSol CM is implemented, centrally managed, and maintained.

ConSol CM is currently used in Norway, Finland, Singapore, Italy and in additional 14 countries. Beyond this, ABB plans a self-service portal to be set up. This will be used to submit and track service requests as well as access evaluations.
ABB Marine and Ports maintains operations at 22 maritime hubs worldwide. The unit has over 700 employees who process approximately 12,000 technical requests annually and conduct around 4,000 service deployments on board customer vessels. ABB Marine and Ports is active in more than 100 countries.

Pilot Installation Won Us Over in Only 15 Days
“ConSol and its distribution partner com.cultur were able to win us over during the selection phase with a professional pilot installation, which the two companies were able to get up and running in only 15 days,” explains Stian Braastad, Global 24/7 and RDS Support Center Director, with regard to the decision for ConSol. “In addition to this, the software itself is so flexible that it can map all of our process requirements and specifications easily and implement these individually. The interface connection to our internal product database was also implemented in just a few days. The web client from ConSol is so simple and clearly laid out that it has allowed us to train our employees how to operate the system in no time. With ConSol CM, we were now finally able to standardize our technical support worldwide and improve the quality of service.”

From Pilot Installation to Go-Live in Only Five Months
Firstly, ConSol and com.cultur teamed up to set up a pilot installation. Here, ConSol defined the support and warranty processes as well as the associated customer and ticketing data structure based on the requirements of ABB and the results of a joint workshop. Furthermore, the IT specialists specified the structure of the interface to ABB’s installed base system and defined which data would be transferred to ConSol CM based on the process involved. Parallel to the implementation and setup of the processes for an initial support scenario, the processes were already tested by ABB and the required changes were made directly. Once the pilot operation phase was completed, ConSol adjusted the system based on the test results, prepared it for go-live, set up the users, and implemented the interface to the product database. This connection provides every engineer involved with the data required for the ABB products in use, on the accompanying vessel, and the contact data of the partner for each ticket – all at the touch of a button and presenting in a simple overview.

Comprehensive Evaluations Improve Troubleshooting Processes
All tickets and technical problems/data are stored and recorded centrally in ConSol CM and then used for evaluations and analyses. In this way, ABB is now able to access all relevant information quickly and at the touch of a button. This facilitates speedy troubleshooting worldwide. The evaluations also help internal quality management by providing KPIs regarding the quality and lifecycle of ABB products.