ConSol is a new member in the association EuroCloud Germany_eco

Exchange of knowledge and the definition of best practices

The ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software Co. has joined the association of the German Cloud Computing Industry, EuroCloud Germany eco, and with that the related association of the German internet economy. ConSol puts the emphasis of this engagement, among other things, on the definition of best practices.

As an IT full service provider ConSol is pursuing with the theme cloud computing an integrated approach: the portfolio comprises not only advising and conception of cloud environments, but also the implementation of migration and integration projects in the cloud.

“Our procedure covers the entire interplay in the cloud environment. This extends from storage over sytems and software up to process modification and evidence of potential snares. We analyse the reasonableness of a move to the cloud and name the possible alternatives. Our vendor independence guarantees unconditional openness and an objective statement of the facts. Through our integrated approach we avoid incompatibilities and potential problems with the interplay of technology and processes. The pan-European network of EuroCloud Germany_eco offers the optimal scope to further advance cloud computing,” says Henning von Kielpinski, departmental manager of Professional Services at ConSol.