Keep track of business processes at all times: ConSol CM dashboard gives you the perfect overview

The ConSol CM BPM software offers impressive performance thanks to its versatile configuration options in a broad range of business processes, especially when communication with customers and partners is key. With its new dashboard, ConSol CM from version 6.9.4 now offers the perfect overview of the indicators that are most relevant to your individual business processes right on the homepage – letting you see what’s most important at a glance, so you can start your workday with confidence.
The ConSol CM dashboard uses chart or grid widgets to visually display a broad range of data and reports in a meaningful way. Types of reports may include the number of tickets per view, tickets in their chronological context, or an overview of critical tickets. The configuration is performed by your administrator based on the view.

Further features and improvements in version 6.9.4, available now:

  • How and in what order do you want to display ticket or customer information? Web customization can now be used to set whether and in what order you want information such as relations, protocols, attachments, customers etc. to be displayed – exactly how you want them.
  • Want to further improve performance? Your administrator can now have tasks started and executed asynchronously.
  • Need to change a side customer into a major customer within your process? The simplified function for changing main contacts lets you do it in no time.

What can the customer-centered ConSol CM BPM software do for you?

Your individual ConSol CM system can map all your business processes – across all departments.

  • One system for mapping all your processes, from marketing to your internal technical service.
  • Unlimited process possibilities: workflows can be linked and dovetailed together.
  • You decide what data can be entered for processes and customers.
  • ConSol CM integrates seamlessly into your internal IT landscape with flexible interfaces to your internal IT infrastructure.

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