Modern Web Applications – Performant and Flexible

Modern web applications must meet high expectations – in terms of performance, security, reliability, and usability. Anyone who wants to be ahead of the digital competition therefore needs highly available and flexible web apps.

ConSol’s developers support you with their versatile project experience in design & development as well as profound technological expertise. They will create exactly the solution you need.

Web Application Development – Your Benefits



Flexibility and speed are major qualities. That's why we love lightweight, state-of-the-art technologies that get you there fast and make it easy to keep up with future developments.


Optimum Technology Selection

Web development projects are as diverse as are companies and their customers. That is why your individual requirements point us in the right direction when selecting the perfect technology for your company.


Full-stack Development

Consol is your all-rounder, we develop comprehensively – from client to database. Working closely with operations specialists, we ensure that your solution meets all front-end and back-end requirements.

Project Profiles

ConSol stands for technological excellence and practical expertise. We draw on three decades of cross-sector project experience and programming practice in medium-sized companies as well as for DAX corporations and other heavyweights. We support you in important software architecture decisions and place your solution on a solid, future-proof foundation.

Branch: Automotive

Project content: Application for market research and sales forecasting of automotive components.
Technologies: React, SpringBoot, MSSQL

Branch: Authority

Project content:
Customer portal in a modern design for the provision of services for private persons and companies.
Technologies: Angular, SpringBoot

Branch: IT

Project content: Administration GUI for an Enterprise Cloud Software.
Technologies: React

Branch: Automotive

Project content: B2B application for the detailed comparison of vehicles and their equipment features.
Technologies: Angular, JavaEE, MongoDB

Branche: Telecommunications

Project content: Classic customer self-care portal for a telecommunications provider.
Technologies: Backbone.js, SpringBoot, JWT

Branch: Authority

Project content: Customer management for a municipal authority.
Technologies: Angular, Grails, ConSol CM

Branch: Automotive

Project content: Administration GUI for an application for provisioning vehicles.
Technologies: Angular, JavaEE, Microservice

Branch: Telecommunications

Project content: Application for market research and sales forecasting of automotive components.
Technologies: Microservice, Spring, REST, SOAP, Citrus

Branch: Telecommunications

Project content: Development of an integration platform for the exchange of Smart Meter data with SAP.
Technologies: Weblogic, SpringIntegration, SOAP, Messaging, Citrus

Branch: Automotive

Project content: Online interfaces for the provisioning of new vehicles
Technologies: Microservice, REST, MQTT

Branch: Automotive

Project content: Gateway for the internet communication of vehicles
Technologies: Microservice, REST, SOAP, MQTT, Citrus

Branch: Telecommunications

Project content: Web-based mail and messaging platform
Technologies: SOAP, Messaging, SMS, Citrus

Branch: Telecommunications

Project content: Online interface for data exchange with telecommunication providers
Technologies: SOAP, Spring, Citrus

Branch: Retail
Solution: Business service and system monitoring based on Nagios

pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank
Branch: Finances
Solution: End-to-end application monitoring with Sakuli

it@M, central IT service provider for the City of Munich
Branch: Public Administration
Solution: Open Source Monitoring with OMD

Branch: Telecommunications
Solution: Future-proof monitoring on Nagios basis

Statutory Health Insurance Association of Lower Saxony
Branch: Public Administration
Solution: Seamless IT monitoring of the server landscape

ConSol Makes Your Apps Future-Proof

A high-performance and responsive web app is a crucial prerequisite for an outstanding user experience, may it be for customers or for your own employees. To continuously improve user experience in the future, a modern and stable foundation is required. For the web app to be continuously developed flexibly after programming and production, we cooperate closely with colleagues and developers from other areas of expertise in order to ensure its optimum stability. We work in cross-team mode – and you benefit from our wide-ranging special know-how in app development.


Spring Boot

Full Stack

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