Areas of application: Customer service, help desk and more

ConSol CM gives you key advantages for direct interactions with customers. The BPM software solution is perfect for business processes in which your employees communicate directly with customers or partners. The possible applications are as a varied as your specific business requirements.

Many of our customers use ConSol CM for these applications:

Customer service: Transparently and efficiently process returns, complaints, and other customer requests.

Help desk: Accelerate support processes (e.g., in IT departments) through clear assignment of responsibilities and optimized collaboration.

Lead management: Enter and develop leads in a goal-oriented way and support sales teams and partners in completing sales.

Do you have special applications and industry-specific processes but there’s no standard software for them?

Then ConSol CM BPM software is perfect for you, thanks to its flexible configuration options. Our customers have used ConSol CM to model very specific business processes, such as warranty processing, medical malpractice management, asset management, applicant management, and the list goes on.

Customized process solutions

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