Customer service software - for efficient servicemanagement & flexible service processes

Every interaction with your customers is an opportunity – take advantage of it.
With ConSol CM you can strike a balance between meeting the needs of your customers and partners and having efficient and transparent business processes in customer service.
ConSol's servicemanagement software is a customer-centered and CRM oriented BPM solution and can model all your tasks in customer service, servicemanagement and complaint management and establish a direct link to your customer data.

This way, your customer service representatives always have all the information they need at a glance so that your customers can enjoy fast and precise responses. This boosts customer loyalty, which ultimately benefits you.

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Why ConSol CM? Revitalize your customer service

  • The customer is number one: Responding correctly is now simple.
    ConSol CM links customer data to all the relevant information from surrounding systems in one process.
    Does a customer often call to complain? Are they a major client? Will they buy the product again? Information that allows customer service representatives to respond to specific circumstances and make the right decision.
  • Dynamic customer data management - B2B and B2C on one instance
    Do you work with dealers as well as end customers? And do you want optimal service for your customers as well as for your dealers and their customers? You can provide the customer data models needed for this using one ConSol CM installation.
  • Organization by processes instead of by departments
    Transparent, individually configurable customer-service processes with clearly distributed tasks and functions automatically direct workflows to the correct contact person. What if a complaint turns into a lead? With a single click, the information is sent to sales.
  • Process-driven user interface - intuitive and ready to use
    The work environment for end users is Web-based and – after process configuration – ready for immediate use. It features intuitive screens and sophisticated search functions (e.g., for FAQs).
  • Hands on instead of hands off - self-service for your customers
    Would you like to actively involve your customers in your processes and allow them to communicate with your company directly at the process level? The Self-Service Portal in ConSol CM connects you with customers quickly and directly.
  • Informative reporting - the basis for improvements in servicemanagement & customer service
    Where are the weak points in your service or product? Need details about work volumes, quality metrics, sales, etc. in customer service?
    Tailored reports help you optimize your business strategies.

Would you like to know how our customers have designed effective processes for customer service, servicemanagement and complaint management? Then take a look at our success stories!

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