Customized process solutions – gain an edge on the competition thanks to BPM

All industries have their own very specific processes, and for companies, mastering these processes is often crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.
The ConSol CM BPM software is the tool of choice, especially when there is no standard solution for your special processes. It is the perfect tool for maintaining that decisive edge in your specific area of application.

The flexibility of ConSol CM guarantees almost unlimited possibilities.
Benefit from a wide range of configuration options, combined with dynamic customer data management and open interfaces for integration with any IT architecture; and last but not least, take advantage of the in-depth expertise of our ConSol CM consultants in many different industries.

Our examples of real-life applications show you the variety of ways ConSol CM can be used:

  • For medical malpractice and claims management in hospitals
  • For asset management in utilities companies
  • For returns processing at hardware manufacturers
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Why ConSol CM? Get on the road to success with customized BPM:

  • Customized process design via a graphical user interface – tailored to industry-specific requirements and semi-automated
  • Integrated, process-driven, and immediately deployable user interface for end users, offering perfect flexibility
  • Dynamic customer data management for your specific customer relationships
  • Investment security thanks to expandability, scalability, and ability to integrate into existing IT architectures
  • Informative reporting as basis for continual improvements in quality
  • Verifiable return on investment

See our success stories for suggestions for using ConSol CM in processes with very specific business requirements.

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