Features & add-ons

Put your customers at the center of your business – with ConSol CM, the BPM software that focuses on human communication.

Key features of ConSol CM:

Flexible, automated business processes
process management, the heart of every company

Integrated user interface for end users
Web-based, process-driven, and immediately deployable

Dynamic customer data management
for your specific relationships in B2B and B2C scenarios

The ConSol CM BPM software solution also features open interfaces for integration into existing IT architectures, flexible expandability and scalability, and tailored reporting.

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The following features are included with the delivery of ConSol CM as a standard and help you quickly and easily handle the everyday tasks involved in customer-focused business processes:

Do you want to leave no stone unturned and make sure that no important tasks are forgotten? The freely definable ConSol CM activity forms securely lead you through your individually determined processes, step by step. Mandatory fields guarantee that all required information is recorded at the right time and in the desired form – for reporting, for example. Automated process steps run in the background, if necessary.

Always keep an eye on current events in the system, always maintain a perfect overview, recognize problems before the situation becomes urgent – all of this is possible with the ConSol CM dashboard functionality, which users will find directly on the ConSol CM start screen, and which can easily be customized by the administrator.

The drag-and-drop function is intuitive to use and makes work quick and easy. This feature is available for many different work steps in ConSol CM, such as dragging, copying, and saving information under ‘Favorites.’

Do you want to not only be aware of search results, but also further process them, or trigger bundled subsequent process steps in order to reduce your costs? ConSol CM Feature Export allows you to use data in other programs. The activity control feature lets users directly trigger activities that explicitly refer to the search results for cases or contact or resource data. For example, user can simultaneously open separate cases for found customers, or simultaneously set the next maintenance appointments for various different hardware that needs to be managed.

Media incompatibility problems and scheduling clashes caused by working with different calendars are a thing of the past, thanks to the highly scalable, customizable calendar integration feature, which allows users to directly view and manage deadlines on external calendars in ConSol CM Web Client.

Bid adieu to time-consuming searches, as well as to undiscovered similarities and unmanageably large volumes of search results! The quick and easy search function in the ConSol CM header enables users to quickly and simply locate cases, contacts, and resources. This function carries out an incremental search, which means that suggestions matching the search parameters are immediately displayed when the user enters text into the search bar. The search combs through all of the data in the ConSol CM database, including the text in the attachments. A comprehensive detail search, which can be adapted when configuring for the particular application, is also available.

Keyboard shortcut commands are perfect for software users who don’t like to work with their mouse. In ConSol CM it is possible to configure up to nine activities as keyboard shortcut commands.

Johnson, Johnsen, Johns... The Suggestions feature in ConSol CM makes it easier to find customers, avoid duplicates, and keep customer data up-to-date. Whenever you enter customer data, regardless of whether said customer is an individual or a company, you benefit from the suggestion function: As soon as you type in the first letter, matching results are suggested from the existing customer datasets. And, if no matching customer dataset is found, you can create a new customer without any interruptions, since you do not have to switch screens to do so.


The ConSol CM add-ons are optional expansions to the core product, and include:

Do you want to always remain up-to-date, regularly review your business processes, and, if necessary, optimize them? Then the metrics and reports created with the help of Business Intelligence (BI) tools are a MUST for you.
The data warehouse included with ConSol CM has an open and documented data structure and can be combined with all conventional Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
For example, the open-source BI solution Pentaho is highly commendable – many ConSol CM customers have already used it to address their various BI needs.

Are your employees on the go a lot? Do they work abroad, or are they currently stationed at a customer’s or a partner’s facilities? That’s no problem when you’re working with CM.Mobile!
This mobile application includes the most important ConSol CM editing options as well as functions for working outside of the office – for example, barcode scanning via photo hardware or direct forwarding from contact data to a call or to an email editor.


Reach your customer at lightning speed – or recognize in real time which customer you want to reach, and already have their case details on hand!
The CM.Phone add-on, a CTI (computer telephony integration) solution for use in ConSol CM, connects your company’s telephone system with ConSol CM. This allows you to directly pick up incoming calls on the ConSol CM user interface without having to change media, and also lets you place outgoing calls.

Do you aim to provide professional, efficient customer care in marketing, sales, customer service, or at your help desk and ensure a positive customer experience throughout? Then expand your ConSol CM so that it becomes a central hub of information!
The CM.Resource Pool add-on allows you to map additional information that is important to a particular process or customer as independent data objects, so-called ‘resources.’ This provides you with a multi-perspective view of resources for linked customers and cases.
Potential areas of application include mapping hardware and software in IT help desk processes, product information in lead management, contracts or SLAs in customer service processes, vehicles in a vehicle fleet management process, and much more.

Social media is paramount – both as a means of communication as well as the service channel of the future.
The CM.Social media integration add-on automatically opens a case in the ‘Social media messages’ process in ConSol CM when your customer posts on Facebook or Twitter, so that you can react using corresponding process activities.
After all, those who have a concern to voice expect to receive a response through the same medium that they expressed themselves in – that’s the definition of top-notch customer service.

Would you like to reduce the workload for your customer service team by directly integrating your customers and partners into your business and communication processes through a web portal?
The CM.Track add-on is a portal solution that lets you integrate employees and internal customers into the company portal (intranet), as well as business customers and/or external partners. Registered customers can use CM.Track to open, observe, comment on, and send attachments along with cases, as well as look for solutions in the FAQs. This makes dealing with standard requests a thing of the past, and frees up more time for your Service team to focus even more closely on individual customer requests.

New Features of ConSol CM:

We continuously develop our software. Please read here the details about the most recent improvements and features of version 6.11.