Versatile customer data management – an advantage for your processes

The key to maximum customer focus is the ability to link business processes to all relevant customer data. This is what motivated us to include flexible customer data management in the ConSol CM BPM software solution.
ConSol CM can map your specific customer relationships and integrate all the necessary data into process management:

  • Use different customer data models at the same time
  • Use multiple customer groups on one instance
  • Display different customer relationships

No matter how complex your customer relationships are, thanks to customer data management in the ConSol CM BPM software solution, you can establish a direct link to your processes.

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Why ConSol CM is the right choice for customer data management:

  • Simultaneously map B2C and B2B customers on one instance – communicate with customers with whom you maintain direct contact as well as with those who you serve indirectly (e.g., through partners).
  • Display different customer relationships – ability to link companies and individual contacts, internal and external customers, and the list goes on.
  • Enhance customer data by adding comments and attachments to individual objects.