Process management with a focus on the customer – freely design and automate your business processes

In today’s businesses, daily operations are becoming more and more process-oriented. The flexible process management functions in the ConSol CM BPM software solution provide everything you need to optimize your customer-centered business processes: Customized process modeling, (semi-)automated process execution, and configurable roles and rights.

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Why choose ConSol CM for process management?

  • Map, control, and automate business processes with a focus on customers and partners
  • Cut costs through process management across multiple applications, departments, and companies, and enable interaction between different IT systems
  • Process management for improved strategy planning

How ConSol CM will benefit you – practical applications for the software:

  • Process Designer: Model all kinds of specific business processes via a graphical user interface.
  • Powerful Process Engine: Reliable and transparent execution of all process in the background – partially or fully automated.
  • Easy configuration: Generate workflows, including time or event-controlled automated functions, activity forms, and much more.
  • Implementation of user rights models: Assign responsibilities and authorizations, including individual activities, using a role-based access control system.
  • Open interfaces for easy integration into existing IT architectures.