Integrated, process-driven user interface – breathe life into your processes

What good is a sophisticated, finely modeled process if it’s not implemented in an actual application, that is, if you don’t have a UI for it? The ConSol CM BPM software solution goes a decisive step further by providing a fully integrated, process-driven user interface for end users that can be used immediately.
ConSol CM is easy to use and offers maximum efficiency. It gives end users all the information they need for a process at a single glance. New information can be entered right where it is needed for further processing.

With ConSol CM, you can ensure that your business processes are actually brought to life for everyone involved.

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How you can benefit from the ConSol CM user interface – detailed features of the UI:

  • Process-driven interface that can be immediately used: The business processes modeled in the Process Designer are immediately used by your employees in the already integrated user interface.
  • Easy configuration: Workflows can be changed to enable almost unlimited possibilities for customizing the user interface for data entry, process control, reporting, etc.
  • Web-based user interface allows users to work from anywhere: Convenient Web 2.0 application that does not require a client installation and can be easily integrated into your IT environment.
  • Intuitive processing, clear screens, and intelligent filters: Necessary information displayed directly at the process level, fewer screens for simpler processing, and predefined criteria for displaying tickets and data – all this means greater clarity so that the user can focus on the essentials.
  • Quick and easy search functions – find it instead of searching for it: A powerful, easy-to-use search function helps users enter data, avoid redundancies, and find solutions to problems.
  • Workspace for optimal responses to interruptions: During processes that are focused on customer communication, it is often necessary to switch to other processes. In this case, completed steps in the workflow are automatically saved in the workspace for later processing, and nothing is lost.