Help desk software for your support processes - ticketing with no speed limit

Isn’t it comforting to know that your SLAs are being met? Wouldn’t both you and your customers be happy if you could reduce your response times?

ConSol CM as a helpdesk- and ticketing-system efficiently combines flexible process design with functions for customer data maintenance. You can speed up your processes for the help desk as well as internal and external support through clear definition of responsibilities and efficient collaboration between the departments involved.
ConSol CM in ticketing helps you to meet SLAs, reduce response times, and perfectly implement tailored support models. The result: Greater customer satisfaction and lower costs thanks to shorter throughput times and motivated employees.

ConSol CM: What our customers have to say

"Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, ConSols CRM software enables you to think big, but start small – taking a step-by-step approach to meeting further requirements."
Stefan Mauer, Department Manager Business Development at KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH

"[...] We were really impressed by this, and it showed us that we could use ConSol CM to quickly respond to changing conditions on the market. We no longer struggle with a cumbersome database that had become far too complex over the years. Our company is now fast and nimble. With ConSol CM, we can finally see everything from a project perspective, without having to forgo the quality of accurate data collection."
Florens Eblinger, Founder and CEO Eblinger & Partner

Why choose ConSol CM for your help desk & ticketing challenges?

  • Greater speed and interdepartmental collaboration – for the benefit of your customers
    Is your contact person on vacation? Does a ticket needs to go from 1st to 2nd level support? Do SLAs have to be met?
    Through tailored processes and the ConSol CM role and rights model, you can ensure smooth, semi-automated request processing, no matter which person or department your customer chooses to contact, and regardless of the method of communication.
  • ConSol CM as a knowledge base for FAQs and for reporting
    Completed help desk requests are centrally documented and allow for faster response times. In addition, tailored reports, e.g., about support quality and capacity, are the basis for process improvements.
  • Dynamic customer data management for your specific customer relationships
    Do your support requests come from end customers as well as companies with many contact persons? You can provide the different customer data models needed for this on one instance of ConSol CM.
  • Full transparency for your customers
    Support cases including all relevant information from all connected systems are fully documented, from the problem to the solution. Clear communication processes direct users to the right contact person. Your help desk customers are constantly up to date thanks to a self-service portal.
  • Expandability and scalability guarantee a secure investment
    ConSol CM keeps up with changes in your company: Modified workflows and brand-new processes for additional areas of activity, including integration with your IT architecture, can be easily implemented during ongoing operations. The same goes for additional users, large data volumes, etc.
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