Automotive industry – ensure your competitive edge through process excellence

The automotive industry is a pioneer in business process management (BPM) and in case mangement. Manufacturers and suppliers realized early on that they could use solutions to optimize their business processes in different areas of the company. Their primary goals are to cut costs, reduce errors, and respond to market requirements more quickly. The ability to track processes also plays an important role in the automotive industry.

Manufacturers and suppliers are using ConSol CM

Numerous companies in the automotive industry are now using ConSol CM to automate and streamline their customer-related processes. There are many application scenarios for the software. For example, automotive manufacturers use the solution to control customer service processes as well as process and analyze all requests from prospective customers, clients, and dealers in one IT system.

Faster responses and greater transparency

Further areas of applications for ConSol CM include optimization of IT service management as well as professional sales management, from the initial contact to the conclusion of the agreement. In all of these areas, the low code platform helps companies reduce response times, increase transparency, and improve business performance in measurable ways.

ConSol CM in automotive inudstry