AOK Bayern: Quick and easy access to the latest data

 AOK Bayern has been successfully working with ConSol in the areas of medical malpractice and IT service management for many years. At the largest health insurance company in Bavaria, the SAP interface of the company’s specialist application “Malpractice in the Healthcare Sector” is now up and running based on the enterprise case management solution ConSol CM.

The SAP integration became necessary after October 2009 when old customer databases were no longer maintained and SAP began to be used as the central directory service. ConSol CM supplies the new interface with up-to-date data on policyholders and healthcare providers and thereby enables previously manual processing steps to be automated. In order to connect SAP to ConSol CM, the Mule Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was used as a middleware layer.

The ESB resolves data on historical health insurance, pension, and healthcare providers, combines the results of several SAP interface requests with data on address, period of coverage, and contract, as well as identification numbers, and converts all of this data into a standardized format.


  • Automation of manual processing steps thanks to up-to-date access to data
  • Processing screen contains all relevant data
  • Increased flexibility in IT systems and when accessing data sources
  • Sustainable reduction in software development costs