Process optimization at WISAG

WISAG Facility Service Holding organizes the processes at WISAG Gebäudereinigung, the industrial cleaning division, using the ConSol CM customer service management (CSM) software. Thanks to the solution, order processing at WISAG Gebäudereinigung is now far more effective, processes have been optimized, and all of the data required to handle a process is available in ConSol CM. As a result, WISAG Gebäudereinigung has a better overview of customer data and can act faster.

The company specializes in cleaning services and has already been using the Munich-based full-service IT provider’s ConSol CM solution for many years and opted to update to a new major release on account of its increased requirements.

Advantages of using the central ConSol CM platform

  • Faster processing of incidents, time savings, and increased efficiency
  • Processes are better tailored to customer cases
  • Increase in customer satisfaction thanks to the option to respond faster and more effectively

“ConSol CM offers us everything in one single system. We can work in a fully automated manner, unlike before when we had to use Excel spreadsheets. The control panel is now better organized, meaning incoming requests are forwarded directly and processing is initiated.”

Eduard C. Kutyma, Managing Director at WISAG Gebäudereinigung Holding