Online video store maxdome: Video & service with one click

maxdome, a ProSiebenSat.1 Media Corp. company, is Germany’s largest online video store and has decided on ConSol CM for the handling of customer services. Thereby the online video store directs the processing of all customer concerns – from requests and complaints to technical support, account stoppage, cancellations, warnings etc. The solution offers a quick, simple and individual customer care. With that, all conceivable channels such as post, fax, email, telephone, and online contact forms have been taken into account.

All customer data is stored in the backend-solution from maxdome and additional solutions like a collection system, a solution for verifying minimum age, and a payment system are connected. In order to connect ConSol CM to this backend, ConSol programmed a new REST-interface – thanks to the open interface concept of the software no problem. All data are directly transferred into ConSol CM over the interface and stored there as a customer entry: e.g contact data, bank connection, booked packages, vouchers, and single film retrievals. All information is available to the employees in cutomer service in real-time.

For all incoming requests in customer service a ticket is automatically raised in ConSol CM. The customer service employee only manually enters them for telephone requests. He now catagorizes the type of request over a clearly structured user interface: Is this a technical or a  business problem? He selects the customer and ConSol CM accesses all relevant data from the backend and the connected systems. Thus the customer service employee has an overview of the entire customer situation and history. Afterwards, he has a large selection of suitable workflow activities available, which are presented graphically and clearly in a block adjacent to the customer data for his viewing.

In order to flexibly adapt its customer service to new requirements and continually improve it, maxdome checks e.g. by means of analyses where additional functionality is necessary or where it could bring improvements. Such new demands are quickly implemented by the  ConSol team: It programs the features and installs them with the next update, without disturbing live operations.

"Through the agile further development of  ConSol CM we optimize our service with every update. The everyday workload of our colleagues in the Call Center has been relieved by  ConSol CM: Fast, clear, intuitive to operate and still gives you all information at a glance.“

Marc Rogge, Leader CRM & Customer Service at maxdome

More details in our complete success story (pdf)