Education and research – lighten the load on your budget and human resources with optimized processes

Lean, optimized processes are a necessity for educational and research organizations. To maintain sufficient resources for teaching and academic activities, organizations have to minimize their expenses in other areas. At the same time, the quality of core services such as IT support cannot suffer as a result. Solutions for efficient business process management (BPM) help educational and research institutions achieve this balance.

Areas of application for ConSol CM in the education sector

ConSol CM is already a proven customer-centered BPM software solution for many educational and research institutions. Organizations are primarily using the solution to efficiently control and optimize processes such as IT service management and user support. Clear responsibilities, computer-assisted escalation processes, and automatic forwarding of requests to the appropriate person are ensuring fast response times and saving resources. As a result, ConSol CM is supporting IT users in educational and research institutions while reducing the workload for IT staff.

Control and automate communication processes

Numerous other application scenarios are possible. ConSol CM can be easily tailored to a variety of processes at educational and research institutions. For example, universities can use the solution to manage a range of student guidance and counseling services. Whenever the objective is to simplify, control, or automate communication processes, ConSol CM is the right choice.

ConSol in education and research