Energy service providers – long-term optimization of processes

Companies in the energy sector and utilities industry are facing huge challenges. The transition to renewable energies, the deregulation of markets, and new legal frameworks are changing the business environment in a radical way. This is also having a major impact on business processes. Companies must have the flexibility to respond to changes such as the need to comply with new regulations at short notice. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important for energy service providers to tailor their business processes to the exact requirements of customers. This is the only way they can continue to thrive in the energy market of the future.

How you can unleash new potential with ConSol CM

The low code platform ConSol CM BPM software solution combines flexible business process design with integrated customer data management. In this way, energy service providers and public utilities can very easily tailor their customer-driven business processes (such as customer service or user support) to new business environments or regulations. Processes are modeled in a graphical user interface and managed semi-automatically or fully automatically thanks to a powerful Process Engine.

Direct link between customers and processes

Thanks to integrated customer data management in ConSol CM, energy service providers and public utilities can link process management directly to their customer data. With the Web-based user interface, customer service or support staff can immediately see all the information that exists for a customer. This means that requests can be answered quickly and precisely, and customer satisfaction increases as a result. At the same time, ConSol CM ensures end-to-end transparency: Communication with customers is seamlessly documented and can be analyzed in detail for further improvement of processes.

ConSol CM in energy