Finance and insurance – leaner and more transparent customer processes

For many banks and insurance companies, ‘industrialization’ of business processes is a top priority. At many companies in the finance industry, very few customer-related processes are standardized, and many involve a cumbersome processing workload. The biggest challenge for financial service providers and insurance companies is to increase the efficiency and transparency of their processes through process management based on industrial models, while maintaining a competitive edge through personalized customer care.

How banks and insurance companies benefit from ConSol CM

Many companies in the finance and insurance industry have been successfully using ConSol CM for many years. Examples include Axa Assistance, Barmenia, the German Finance Agency, SCHUFA Holding AG, and UniCredit Direct Services. Banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers are using the low code platform to improve the quality of their customer service, improve the efficiency of their processes, and process requests more quickly – even across departmental lines.

Stay on the safe side when it comes to compliance

In addition, seamless process documentation helps you ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines. For example, ConSol CM helps you meet BaFin requirements for complaint management.

ConSol CM in financial services and insurance