Government and public sector – comprehensive support for e-government initiatives

Germany’s public sector is increasingly implementing digital processes. Under the E-government Act of 2013, government agencies are required to offer simple, user-friendly, and efficient electronic administrative services for citizens and businesses. One major challenge is to mirror these technological changes at the organizational level. Public sector institutions have to involve their employees in the new processes at an early stage and ensure that the transition to electronic workflow management is as easy as possible.

User-friendly process optimization

ConSol CM helps government agencies and public authorities make their communication processes more efficient and service-oriented. The low code platform with BPM-, CRM- and case management functionalities can model a wide range of administrative workflows in which employees communicate directly with employees, companies, or other institutions. A huge advantage is ConSol CM’s intuitive, web-based user interface. Employees at local government offices and other service locations can use the solution right away for their tasks – without the need for long training periods.

How government agencies benefit from ConSol CM

Public sector organizations are now using ConSol CM for a range of different applications, from task processing to procurement to IT support. From an organizational perspective, optimized process management pays off in many ways. Government agencies and public authorities are reducing response times, improving service quality, and ensuring complete documentation of all processes.

ConSol CM in government and public sector