Healthcare and social services – more time for serving clients thanks to optimized processes

IT-supported processes are playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare and social services industry. Because of limited personnel resources, organizations must perfectly organize their workflows in order to gain more time for the people they are serving. The challenge for IT teams and industry professionals lies in the fact that off-the-shelf solutions are often unable to model the very specific and complex communication processes of healthcare and social services organizations. As a result, these organizations need flexible process management solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements.

How healthcare and social services organizations benefit from ConSol CM

As a low code platform with various functionalities in busines process management (BPM), customer relationship management (CRM) and case management, ConSol CM is suitable for all business processes in which the employees of an organization communicate directly with people. These processes can be services for patients or their family members, and they can even be support tasks for typical industry applications such as hospital information systems.

Full support for industry-specific requirements

Thanks to the integrated Process Designer, tailoring the system to specific workflows and requirements is extremely easy. This means that organizations in the healthcare or social services industry can use ConSol CM to optimize highly specific industry processes. For example, German healthcare provider AOK Bayern uses the solution to ensure correct use of financial resources and manage all processes related to medical malpractice management.

ConSol CM in healthcare and social sector