IT services – ensure your success in tomorrow’s market with optimized processes

The IT industry generates much more revenue through services than through the sale of hardware and software. Services are becoming increasingly important, especially given the trend toward outsourcing and new business models for cloud computing. The prospects for IT service providers are stellar. However, competition and customer requirements are intensifying at the same time. To remain successful in the market and offer customers real added value, IT service providers must have a perfect handle on their service processes.

ConSol CM is a turnkey solution for IT service providers

ConSol CM covers all the customer-driven processes that IT service providers need for their business. For example, companies are using the low code platform to optimize IT service management. Service quality is improved over the long term thanks to flexible definition of processes and responsibilities, automatic forwarding and escalation as well as documentation of all requests in a central knowledge base.

Flexible system allows for wide range of applications

ConSol CM is also a valuable tool for lead management in the IT industry. Companies can use the low code platform to model all processes for generation, qualification, distribution, and tracking of leads and turn prospective customers into new clients much faster. IT companies are also using ConSol CM for a wide range of industry-specific tasks, such as hardware procurement, warranty processing, and IT asset management.

ConSol CM in IT services