Manufacturing - the road to end-to-end process optimization

For manufacturers of capital goods, many processes in production and order management are largely automated. But in other areas of the company, manual workflows with multiple time-consuming steps are the routine. As a result, there is often great potential for improvement, especially when it comes to processes that involve communication with the customer. Manufacturing companies can gain a significant competitive edge through standardized workflows, shorted response times, and integrated communication. This is because customers also expect professional service, not just excellent product quality, when they purchase capital goods.

Why manufacturers of capital goods rely on ConSol CM

The low code platform ConSol CM allows companies to control customer-driven business processes in a flexible and transparent way – and ensure more efficient workflows through automation. Businesses in the capital goods industry are using the solution for many applications, such as professional management of complaints, support calls, and other customer requests.

Detailed reporting provides valuable information

ConSol CM offers integrated customer data management and a Web-based user interface that can be used right away. Customer service representatives and staff in internal service management or in task management have all the information they need at a glance so that they can respond to customer requests quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the reporting functions in ConSol CM provide manufacturing companies with important information that can be used to improve product quality and adapt service processes to meet customer needs.

ConSol CM in manufacturing