Media and entertainment sector - optimized processes for a changing business environment

The media industry is undergoing profound changes. For publishing houses, radio stations, and film production companies, the digital revolution has not only affected production, it has also impacted business models, sales channels, and sources of revenue. To remain successful in the online world and reach new customers, many media companies are completely revamping their strategies. From a practical perspective, this is a huge challenge. Companies have to adjust their business processes and develop new ways of communicating with customers.

Manage and optimize customer service with ConSol CM

The ability to communicate with customers through different channels is becoming increasingly important for media companies. Additional service resources are also needed for new content offerings such as Web communities, mobile services, and paid content platforms. ConSol CM helps media companies systematically enhance their customer service and develop processes that are as flexible and efficient as possible.

Flexible and platform for all customer requests

The low code platform can model any customer-driven process and enables users to response to all types of customer requests in a quick, easy, and personalized way. For example, maxdrome, Germany’s largest provider of on-demand online video streaming, is now using ConSol CM for all its customer service tasks. The company is using the solution to process support requests, complaints, blocked accounts, subscription cancellations, reminders, and other customer needs. Whether customers choose to contact the company by mail, fax, e-mail, phone, or online form: All customer requests are processed using this flexible platform.

ConSol CM in media and entertainment