Retail, logistics, and transport – perfectly control the flow of communication

Today, transparent processes and optimal customer service are the basic keys to success for retail, logistics, and transportation companies. Customers in this sector value the ability to track a range of information such as the current location of their shipment at all times. When it comes to returns, complaints, and other questions about their orders, customers expect quick response times, precise information, and automatic notifications about the status of their order. To ensure this quality of service, companies need IT that effectively supports their communication processes.

Business process management with a focus on the customer

With ConSol CM, companies in the retail, logistics, and transportation industries can perfect communication and interaction with their customers. Whether they want to automate workflows in customer service, speed up the processing of returns, or find a solution for efficient lead management, the low code platform from ConSol supports every business process initiated by the customer.

Intuitive user interface provides information at a glance

Retail, logistics, and transportation companies can consolidate all the information they need for fast and comprehensive customer service thanks to integrated customer data management and easy integration of different business applications. At a single glance, employees can see everything they need to know about the current status – and how they can best help the customer. An important feature for international companies and providers with many branch offices is that ConSol CM can be accessed from any location thanks to its Web-based user interface.

ConSol in retail, logistics and transport