A fresh coat of polish for your internal processes. Whether procurement, technical support or facility management, ConSol CM service desk software makes your internal services run so smoothly that you will almost forget they ever needed your attention.

Integrating services and service providers

Use ConSol CM as the general manager for your internal services! The software features intuitive operation, bringing all of your processes together in one place. Integrate external service providers and partners seamlessly. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and lets you reduce maintenance expenses.

Providing services

Excellent internal services take care of your employees so they can focus on their actual work. In the ConSol CM software, all responsibilities and workflows for internal services are managed automatically. This creates transparency, provides reliability and helps you keep a clear head.

Monitoring costs

Costly surprises? No, thanks! ConSol CM service desk software provides transparency for procedures requiring approval and guides employees through all approval processes, from requisition note or application to purchase order to receipt of the invoice. 


4 of 5 users agree that internal service management with ConSol CM provides them with the best possible overview.

One piece of software for any situation

Internal services go unnoticed as long as everything is running smoothly. Whether it is requirements planning, procurement management, purchasing building services, an in-house IT help desk, or building cleaning, ConSol CM ensures that your internal service departments keep track of their various tasks. Hand in hand with colleagues from outside of the company, they ensure excellence in all services with the help of service desk software, ensuring high employee satisfaction across the company as well. Every new employee sits down at a workstation perfectly outfitted for the task at hand from the moment they arrive. Printer problems are resolved in minutes. And the accounting department knows which orders have payments due soon. Having everyone using the same system creates transparency. This also makes it easier to determine and realize potential cost-lowering opportunities.

200 companies around the world utilize
ConSol CM. 20.000+ users satisfy over 2M customers.


Even during the pilot phase, we were astonished at how many support requests we actually had to contend with on a daily basis; ConSol CM is what made this transparency possible in the first place. The software improved communication in IT support between our two locations and noticeably reduced the processing time of requests.

Dorothée Appel,
Director of IT and Technology, Axa Assistance

We were looking for a new help desk system offering the flexibility and scalability that would allow us to manage every process through the system step by step. The outstanding success of the initial project phases showed that we made the right choice.

Karl-Heinz Piechatschek,
Head of IT Department, Stadt Potsdam


Your processes are as unique as your business. In ConSol CM, you create your specific data models and processes to fit and you can adapt them at any time as needed.


The processes available in ConSol CM ensure maximum efficiency and quality. They reliably guide the user to the solution, regardless of how many parts need to interact to make it happen. All of the steps are reproducible.


ConSol CM lets you effortlessly work in compliance with applicable standards. All information and process steps are documented in the system. Everything is auditable and transparent. Your auditor can enter into the picture at any time.


More customers, a new business sector, increasing amount of data—ConSol CM grows with you. This is also true if you want to add an entirely new process to the system.

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