ConSol CM, the BPM software for tailored processes: bring new flexibility to your Lead Management!

You like to benefit from you sales prospects efficently?
In lead management the software ConSol CM offers numerous functions in customer relationship management and, by combining customized process design with dynamic customer data management, offers all the tools you need for customized acquisition processes, from the initial contact to the final order.

ConSol CM is also excellent for customer contacts, even across organizational boundaries and offers a full 360° view of your customers through comprehensive information out of all customer-relevant processes.
Thereby, your client advisors benefit with goal-oriented lead management, with controlling and seamlessly integrating marketing activities, and with supporting sales and partners right through to the conclusion of the agreement.

Read about the five most important reasons to combine BPM and CRM.

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How you can benefit from ConSol CM

Dynamic customer data management – B2B and B2C on one instance
Do you work with dealers, partners, and final customers, and would you like to manage them all in one place? You can provide the different customer data models and relationships needed for this using one ConSol CM installation.

Seamless and transparent communication between marketing, sales, and partners
Mapping of all processes in the sales cycle, integration of sales and marketing activities, and central forwarding of appropriate leads, even to external partners such as manufacturers, resellers, and distributors. This is an advantage for your channel business because all parties work across multiple locations in one central system without media incompatibility problems.

Customer-centered communication – process-driven and customized
Your customer contacts you using a Web form, but would like you to respond via text message and is only available on Mondays? And which product has the customer been using? Employees have all the information they need for their interaction with the customer in the processing ticket. Customized communication processes ensure maximum quality at all times.

Informative reporting – the basis for improvements in lead management
Status reports on lead quality, the efficiency of individual sales channels, and the success of the entire campaign or ROI as a basis for decision-making.

Process-driven user interface – intuitive and ready for immediate use
Immediately available, Web-based, and clearly organized work environment for your sales and marketing team, and for working across multiple locations.
Bring your lead management processes to life, without the wait.

ConSol CM: What our customers have to say

"[...] We were really impressed by this, and it showed us that we could use ConSol CM to quickly respond to changing conditions on the market. We no longer struggle with a cumbersome database that had become far too complex over the years. Our company is now fast and nimble. With ConSol CM, we can finally see everything from a project perspective, without having to forgo the quality of accurate data collection."
Florens Eblinger, Founder and CEO Eblinger & Partner

"Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, ConSols CRM software enables you to think big, but start small – taking a step-by-step approach to meeting further requirements."
Stefan Mauer, Department Manager Business Development at KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH

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